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    Emergency Contact Numbers / Nood Kontak Nommers    

Cacadu Rampbestuur Beheer Kamer / Cacadu Disaster Management Control Room

0800 22 22 38 / 041 508 7048


Plaaslik / Local


Alwyn Strydom 082-898 6446


Elvin Peterson 071-143 4005


Fire Danger Rating System using Fire Danger Indices as a means for Selecting Suitable Burning Conditions for Controlled Burning using the Lowveld Module calculation


Fire Danger Index and Rating for the Langkloof (FDI/FDR forecasted at 07h00 for the day, and real time calculated at 10h00 and 14h00 every day)


Friday, 29 June 2012

FDI: 34
FDR: Green
Control guide:

Although controlled operations can be done without creating a fire hazard, care must be taken when burning on exposed, dry slopes. Keep a constant watch for unexpected wind speed and direction changes.

Discomfort Index: 20 - Comfortable

Reënval Syfers


Reënval (afgelope 24h periode - gemeet 08h00)

Totaal vir die maand











Too cold, humid or wet for controlled burning.
GREEN 21-45 MODERATE 500-1000

Suitable for controlled burning to:

  • Remove moribund and/or unpalatable grass material
  • Construct and maintain firebreaks
YELLOW 46-60 DANGEROUS 1001-2000 Suitable for controlled burning to:
  • Remove moribund and/or unpalatable grass material
ORANGE 61-75 VERY DANGEROUS 2001-3000 NOT suitable for controlled burning anymore
RED 76-100 EXTREMELY DANGEROUS >3000 TOO DANGEROUS for lighting any means of fire
  Sea Tide Tables   Stand van damme in die Langkloof /      State of dams in the Langkloof
Cape Town  
  Mossel Bay   Dinsdag, 19 Junie 2012

Port Elizabeth

  Joubertina Dam: 7/7m

East London

  Louterwater Dam: 14/14m


  Misgund Dam: 100%

Stand van damme in die Suid-Oos Kaap / State of dams in the South Eastern Cape (Courtesy: DWAF)


Friday, 29 June 2012


  Haarlem Dam: 93.67%  
  Kouga Dam: 86.54%      
  Churchill Dam: 73.91%      
  Impofu Dam: 96.61%      

Weather forecast - yr.no

Precipitation, Snow and Wind

SA Weather Service

6 Day Rain Forecast

Wind Forecast    (registreer met geldige e-pos adres asb.)




Alle fotos en kaarte hieronder het kopie regte en word geplaas met spesiale vergunning en goedkeuring van Kobus Botha Weather en erkenning aan Eumetsat: Copyright © Eumetsat 2011

  All photos and maps below are copyrighted and are published  with special permission and approval of Kobus Botha Weather and acknowledgement to Eumetsat: Copyright © Eumetsat 2011  


         Copyright © weatherphotos.co.za: 2011              Copyright © weatherphotos.co.za: 2011
Copyright © weatherphotos.co.za: 2011

Wolk bedekking / Cloud Coverage
      Copyright © Eumetsat 2011  


Sea Level Synoptic Map (Courtesy SAWS)

ENSO (El Niño & La Niña) update

News on ENSO Effects:
UN: La Nina could prolong Africa drought - 2011-11-17 15:17
La Nina returns, but with weaker impact - 2011-11-17 21:35
It'll be wet, wet, wet, as La Nina grips SA - 2011-11-23 14:10
Global Weather Oscillations:
El Nino - La Nina forecast
Landbou Weekblad:
The International Research Institute for Climate and Society
Typical influence of La Nina



Mid-Month IRI Probabilistic ENSO Prediction for NINO3.4 Region
Season La Niña Neutral El Niño
JJA 2012 1% 68% 31%
JAS 2012 1% 51% 48%
ASO 2012 2% 42% 56%
SON 2012 1% 38% 61%
OND 2012 1% 35% 64%
NDJ 2013 1% 38% 61%
DJF 2013 1% 40% 59%
JFM 2013 2% 50% 48%
FMA 2013 3% 57% 40%

Jun 2012





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